2009-2014 Honda Pilot Brake Light Replacement

2009-2014 Honda Pilot Brake Light Replacement

2009 Honda Pilot Brake Light was out when I took it in for an oil change. They asked me if I wanted them to change the brake light and I said sure. After waiting a while they came back and said they couldn’t figure out how to change the brake light.

After looking around online for a while it looked simple enough to do the trick comes down to prying the brake light assembly out.

Here are instructions on how to change the Brake light on a 2009 and later Honda Pilot.

Use a phillips head screw driver or a 5/16 inch socket and undo the two mounting screws foundin the spots indicated on the tail light assembly.

Honda Pilot 2009 Brake Light Replacement

That wasn’t so hard… But in order to get the honda pilot brake light assembly out you have to pop out the outer clasps. Which is easier said than done.  You need to wedge a butter knife, or putty knife or other shimming kind of obejct in between the brake light assembly and the body. I used a putty knife and then got a little separation and put to butter knifes in.


Honda Pilot Brake Light Removal

Then with the butter knives or similar in place, you will use one hand to pull straight out with these, and one hand to stabilize and pull out the other surface. You’ll need to pull pretty hard to pop this free. I recommend not levering with the butter knives, but just pulling straight out. Get ready because  when it gives you’ll be pulling way to hard.


(Note the clasps as they will need to be lined up when replacing)

A counter clockwise motion will unlock the the bulb portion. The old bulb can be removed and the new bulb can be inserted. I recommend not touching the bulb with your bare hands. Use a paper towel or something.

Honda Pilot Brake Light

Place it back into the housing and give it a clockwise turn to snap it back into place. The Honda Pilot Brake Light assembly then needs to be placed back into position. Note the clips underneath that need to be caught in order to hold the brake light tightly. I can’t really get a picture of how it needs to fit back in, but hopefully this picture helps.

Honda Pilot 2009 Brake Light

Also the pointed clasps demonstrated above need to be lined up with their sockets and it needs to be pressed into place until it snaps. The screws need to be replaced. Then test your lights to ensure they work and then you are done.

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