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Change Battery on a Polar FT40

How to Change Battery on a Polar FT40

If you are like me, you go in and out of your workout phases. At one point you may have bought a heart rate monitor to help push yourself in your workouts. Then you threw it in the back of some drawer and pulled out it out 20lbs later when you want to start working out again. Unfortunately it doesn’t work anymore. You could go buy some fancy fitbit or some otherthing. Or you could buy some CR2025’s and get your old heart rate monitor working again. If you happened to buy a Polar FT40 originally here is a walk through for changing the batteries.

You’ll need:
A Dime
2x CR2025 3v Lithium Watch Batteries

Have faith it’s very easy to do and I’ve provided a few pictures to help:
Here is what they look like with Dead Batteries in them:
Battery Change on Polar FT watch Heart Rate monitor


Get the dime and pry the back up off the heart rate monitor.

Polar FT40 Heart Rate Monitor Battery Change


The battery of the Polar FT40 Heart rate monitor will be stuck in the removed portion.  You can pry it out with a fingernail or paper clip. Put a new battery in, and snap it back down and in.



Replacing Polar FT 40 Heart Rate Monitor Battery

Moving on to the watch. Get your handy dandy dime and unscrew the back of the Polar FT40.

Polar FT 40 Watch Battery Change


You will then need to pry the Polar FT 40 battery out again with your fingernail, a paperclip or a mini-screw driver.




Battery Change on Polar FT watch Heart Rate monitor

Slide a new CR2025 battery into the Polar FT 40 Watch, taking care to slip it under the metal prong.
Replacing Polar FT 40 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Battery

After changing the batteries hold the stop button on the watch and you will see an hour glass appear on the screen. Wait a minute or so and it should go into setup mode.

It’ll ask you to:
Set Language
Set Time and Date
Set Weight, Height, Age, Sex

Then hook the Polar FT40 heart rate back the strap, and hit the circle button on the right hand side of the watch to get into training mode. hit the circle button again to start. It should start reporting your heart rate at this time. If so … you have successfully changed the battery on your Polar FT 40 Heart Rate monitor