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GoPro Studio Not Responding on Surface Pro 3

GoPro Studio Not Responding on Surface Pro 3

Go Pro Studio Not Responding Surface Pro 3

I bought a Hero4 Black Edition and had some trouble with GoPro Studio Not Responding on Surface Pro 3 crashing after my first couple uses. It would just hang and cycle back and forth between being non-responsive and getting greyed out and saying it was Not Responding.

I found a few articles on the GoPro Website about GoPro Studio crashing on the Surface Pro 3.

I tried the un-install and re-install without success. I noticed it was still saving some of my settings between installs.

After uninstall I ran CCleaner to clean it out of the registry. In the Startup section there was still a GoPro program running on startup which I deleted.

I then wanted to force a video driver update. So I went into the device manager, and deleted the display adapter and rebooted.

After all this I reinstalled GoPro Studio, and it began working again without crashing.

Microsoft Paint on Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Paint on Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Where is Microsoft Paint on Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Windows 8.1? … I’ll show you:

Microsoft Paint on Microsoft Surface Pro 3

On the start screen just start typing “Paint” after a few letters the icon will pop up.

Just click on it and BAM! Old School Microsoft Paint.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that “Fresh Paint” is the new paint program.

Don’t forget that a double click of the Microsoft Surface pen will take screen shots that you can then paste into paint and save for posting to the internet like I do for this blog.

Google Hangouts Start Menu Tile Windows Surface Pro 3

Google Hangouts Start Menu Tile on Windows Surface Pro 3

So you want a Google Hangout Start Menu Tile? Well I’m here to tell you that it can be done for the Windows Surface 3 Pro but that it won’t be everything that you hope for as Google has not released a Windows Native App for Google Hangouts. In order to do this you will also need to be a Google Chrome user.

Google Hangouts Tile Windows Surface Pro 3

The app you will use is a extension of Google Chrome and will install as such. Thus if you want to install you will need to uninstall through Google Chrome. You can install the hangouts extension here:

After the install completes you will have the option to run the program. This Google Hangouts app runs as an icon that is always visible over the top of your other apps. You can drag the icon all over the screen. It can be a little tricky to figure out because the icon is small but the upper right portion acts to close the icon, so click on the bottom left portion to activate the app.

To pin the app to your start screen find it by swiping up from your start screen to get to the apps, then hold down on the Hangouts app and release:


Surface Pro 3 Google Hangouts Tile
After you’ve found it and held it then in the lower left there should be a pin to Start Menu button:

Google Hangouts Tile Surface Pro 3

I sure wish Google would make a native app but this will have to suffice until then.

Get the docking station for the surface pro 3 for cheaper than the microsoft store: