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GoPro Studio Not Responding on Surface Pro 3

GoPro Studio Not Responding on Surface Pro 3

Go Pro Studio Not Responding Surface Pro 3

I bought a Hero4 Black Edition and had some trouble with GoPro Studio Not Responding on Surface Pro 3 crashing after my first couple uses. It would just hang and cycle back and forth between being non-responsive and getting greyed out and saying it was Not Responding.

I found a few articles on the GoPro Website about GoPro Studio crashing on the Surface Pro 3.

I tried the un-install and re-install without success. I noticed it was still saving some of my settings between installs.

After uninstall I ran CCleaner to clean it out of the registry. In the Startup section there was still a GoPro program running on startup which I deleted.

I then wanted to force a video driver update. So I went into the device manager, and deleted the display adapter and rebooted.

After all this I reinstalled GoPro Studio, and it began working again without crashing.

Android not resumable unsuccessful download

So I was having problems downloading files on my Anroid Transformer Prime TF201 after basically having it turned off for 9 months and then let it do it’s updates. I couldn’t download any files in any of the browsers. When I tried in dolphin or the stock browser it would just hang and nothing would happen. The Android browser was not downloading files. When I tried in android chrome it would start the download, say it got 100% but that the download was “unsuccessful” and “not resumable” despite the status indicator displaying clearly 100%.

100 not resumable unsuccessful download








The time stamps would say unsuccessful until enough time had passed.

I used my google fu to find an answer to the “not resumable unsuccessful download” problem. I found other things about people having problems downloading would do a “force stop” and “clear data” on the “Download Manager” were having success. After making the mistake of clicking on downloads instead of download manager I successfully fixed the problem.

First go into settings and apps and find download manager under the All tab:

settings apps download manager fix not resumable unsuccessful error






The click on force stop and clear data:

android fix download manager force stop clear data not resumable unsuccessful download







It will ask you to verify:

android chrome wont download not resumable unsuccessful




I rebooted after I finished this, but you probably don’t have to. I could once again download files.

Deleting the Winsxs Directory

Deleting the Winsxs Directory

The winsxs directory can get very large and contains a bunch of old install data and log files that you don’t necessarily need. I first noticed how large this directory was using WinDirStat to try to identify where all my hard drive space was going. WinDirStat is a great program that visually shows you where all your space is going as well as gives you the directories in descending size order. You can’t really delete the winsxs folder but you can significantly reduce it’s size. This is best done using the Disk Cleanup function in windows.

Type “Disk” into the start menu and then select disk cleanup.

winsxs directory cleanup starting disk cleanup


This will open the program which asks you which directory you want to clean up:

shrink winsxs folder select drive

Select your OS containing drive as this will have the winsxs directory. It will then scan your disk and look like this:

freeing up disk space winsxs directory disk cleanup

When it completes it will show you this screen, you can skip the check boxes and click on Clean Up System Files:

cleaning up winsxs folder with disk cleanupIt will again rescan your system and take you back to the check boxes:

delete winsxs directory excess to free up disk spaceThere are now more boxes to check some of which will delete winsxs bloatware. As you can see, I was able to free up 18.2gb of space on my laptop that’s been running about 4 years now.


You can also buy new hard drives:

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$25 off Hotel Tonight Promo Code

Hotel Tonight Promo Code

Hotel Tonight Promo Code – jhunt120 will get you a 25 credit off your first last minute purchase of a hotel.

So my wife and I have been doing some last minute travels in New England and decided to use the last minute hotel booking app “Hotel Tonight”. The app knocked 60 dollars off the price plus we got the promo code bonus $25 dollar credit using “jhunt120” for a total of $85 dollars off the retail price listed on I asked the front desk if there was any difference to them between a Hotel Tonight booking and any other booking and they said they weren’t aware of any differences.

The app is easy to use and has meaningful categories of the hotels it presents to you:

  • Luxe  An upscale hotel with stellar service, lavish amenities and serious comfort, for when you’re feelin’ swanky.
  • Hip A stylish, sometimes quirky hot spot that’s as popular with in-the-know locals as it is with travelers.
  • Solid A comfortable, reliable hotel with all the gotta-have-em amenities.
  • Basic A modest hotel with limited extras, perfect for when you need a place to lay your head.
  • Charming A hotel, B&B or guest house that’s quaint, intimate and delightful.
  • High Roller An over-the-top, tricked-out suite or penthouse for VIPs and high rollers.
  • Crash Pad A budget hostel or inn without many amenities, for those nights you don’t need ’em.

The app supports multiple methods of payment including Google Wallet.

Hotel Tonight Promo Code

Link to: Android app or IOS app or Windowsphone

Check out their website: Hotel Tonight


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Best place to teach young kids snowboarding in New England / Connecticut

Teach young kids snowboarding in New England

Watching a snowboard competition on my tablet the other day my 4 year old daughter came up and kept telling me I wish I could Ice Skate… I asked if she met Snowboarding, She said that she wanted to ice skate, and to Snowboard.

Realizing that if you take a young kid to try a winter sport, you may spend a lot of money, and have your kid want to go home in the first 15 minutes, I began to search where in Connecticut or New England would be the best placed to teach young kids to snowboard. After looking at several resorts and calculating how much it would cost to take my kid there I settled on Mohawk Mountain. The main reason for me is that it is free for your kids lift ticket as long as they are less than 6 years old. They also sell a beginners area only lift ticket that is significantly cheaper than the whole resort lift ticket.  Thus I will only have to pay for my lift ticket and my daughters snowboard rental.  They also have cheap nights from 4pm-10pm. I’ll give a report after I take my daughter next weekend.