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Lulzbot TAZ 6 Power Consumption / 3D printer power consumption

Lulzbot Taz 6 Power Consumption


I was searching for this answer the other day as I am considering buying the Lulzbot Taz 6.

I was also curious how much power compared to traditional methods 3D printing uses. Wish I could find the link, but it’s takes about 100x more electricity to do 3D printing.

I was able to confirm that a 3D Printer is about 100W consumption. But I wanted to found out how much power the Lulzbot TAZ 6 consumes, and it was somewhat difficult to find but I found this one page flyer.

So It states that the Lulzbot TAZ 6 uses 24V with an average power consumption of 5.3A which multiplied out gives us 127.2 Watts. So then multiple that by the number of hours you want to print and you get kilowatt hours. The base rate for electricity where I live is 15 cents a KWh but Unfortunately it’s tiered so it’s about 35 cents if you use a lot of power for your house(ie Bigger house with kids). So A 12 hour print will cost me about 55 cents. Now I think the inverter will have some cost in power which so I expect it to be a little higher than 55 cents for a 12 hour print, and more power when it’s cold than when it’s hot.

I think you’ll see some posts about stuff I build with the Lulzbot TAZ 6 if end up getting it.

See the first comment below. I made the mistake of thinking the amps were on the 24V side but they are on the 120V side. Uses about 650 volts.

California Fluoroscopy License / Permit

How to get a California Fluoroscopy License / Permit

California Fluroscopy LicenseIn the other states I have practiced medicine in, I have never heard of anyone having to obtain a fluorscopy license. Granted, I was in training in all of those states and did not have to have a license of my own.

As I set out to get said California Fluoroscopy License, I found it incredibly difficult to even figure out how to get a California Fluorscopy License. The CDPH aka California Department of Public Health website doesn’t make it very easy to figure out how to apply for this license.  After a few google searches and going a few items down the search page I was able to find out how to apply for a Fluoroscopy Permit:

You fill out this form and mail it with an 85 dollar check and a copy of your California medical license to:

California Department of Public Health
Radiologic Health Branch, MS 7610
Accounts Receivable and Cashiering Unit
P.O. Box 997414
Sacramento, CA 95899-7414

Within 30 days they will notify you of which exam to take.  You can look forward to paying to take a 90 question test on everything under the sun relating to fluoroscopy.

Topics on this test include:

24% Radiation Biology and Physics
27% Exposure Reduction
24% Equipment Operation
25% Image Evaluation, Quality Control, & Patient Considerations

Further breakdown of these topics can be found in this PDF file.
The Syllabus for what you should know is in this PDF file.

Oh, and you can also look forward to a 10hr/yr CME requirement after you are certified.

I’ll let you know how the test goes once I take it.

Texas Medical Board Verification of License

Texas Medical Board Verification of License

Getting through the California Medical Board Licensing process can be very painful. Here is an example of how to get the Texas Medical Board to verify your license to the California medical board, just in case anyone out there ever tries to do this. It’s not listed anywhere on the Texas Medical Board website. Fax this or mail this to

Fax: (888) 790-0621
Texas Medical Board
Attn: License Verification
P.O. Box 2029, MC-240
Austin, TX 78768-2029

Here is the Text of your message to them Adjust as needed.

Ima Doctor
69 Realiam Way
Farmington, CT 06002

Texas Medical Board
Attn: License Verification
P.O. Box 2029, MC-240
Austin, TX 78768-2029

Dear Sir or Madam,
I would like to request that my Texas Medical License no. N4763, Social Security Number 555-55-5555 be verified by mail to the California Medical Board at your earliest convenience. The address is:

California Medical Board
2005 Evergreen St. Suite 1200
Sacramento, CA 95815

Thank you for your time.


Ima Doctor, M.D.

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