GoPro Studio Not Responding on Surface Pro 3

GoPro Studio Not Responding on Surface Pro 3

Go Pro Studio Not Responding Surface Pro 3

I bought a Hero4 Black Edition and had some trouble with GoPro Studio Not Responding on Surface Pro 3 crashing after my first couple uses. It would just hang and cycle back and forth between being non-responsive and getting greyed out and saying it was Not Responding.

I found a few articles on the GoPro Website about GoPro Studio crashing on the Surface Pro 3.

I tried the un-install and re-install without success. I noticed it was still saving some of my settings between installs.

After uninstall I ran CCleaner to clean it out of the registry. In the Startup section there was still a GoPro program running on startup which I deleted.

I then wanted to force a video driver update. So I went into the device manager, and deleted the display adapter and rebooted.

After all this I reinstalled GoPro Studio, and it began working again without crashing.

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