Honda Pilot Trailer Wiring 2009, 2010, 2011

Honda Pilot Trailer Wiring 2009, 2010, 2011

Trailer Wiring a Honda Pilot may not be something you expect to have to do with the included “Tow Package”, I didn’t realize the trailer wiring wasn’t finished until about 5 days before I was expecting to use the trailer hitch, and pull my sedan across the country behind my pilot. Don’t sweat this project as it can be completed in a few hours if you have all the necessary parts.

What you will need to wire a trailer on a Honda Pilot

You will need a Honda Pilot Trailer Wiring Harness Kit. I recommend a 7 pin connector for the wiring as it is easier to convert a 7pin connector with a good mounting plate to a 4pin connector than it is to do the opposite. The parts you will need are:

Tools required:

Gather your tools and parts:
trailer wiring harness parts honda pilotHere are the Contents of trailer wiring kit Curt part #56097:

Contents of trailer wiring harness Curt part number 56097


Trailer Wiring: Connection box installation

Identify the storage panel on the driver rear of the Honda Pilot, and open it.

driver rear storage door honda pilot trailer wiring


Once open, identify the secondary access panel and open it.

trailer wiring harness honda pilot access panel


Here is what that looks like open:

trailer wiring harness connection honda pilot


Identify the connection for the connection box and release the tape affixing it in place:

trailer wiring harness connection honda pilot 2009-2014


Make the connection to the connection box harness:

trailer wiring making the connection

Next we need to place the ground screw, the yellow arrow marks my chosen location, drill a 3/32″ hole here, then place the provided screw through the eyelet of the ground wire and place this here:

trailer wiring ground screw placement

Here is what that should look like, the yellow arrow marks where we will affix the connection box with double sided tape:

trailer wiring ground screw and connector box placement

Here’s what it should look like when complete:

trailer wiring connection box placement

Close everything up and we’ll move to the fuse and relay portion of the assembly.


Wiring a Trailer for the Honda Pilot: Fuses and Relays

The Auxiliary fuse box is just in front of the previous panel. I already took the case before I started taking pictures.

trailer wiring fuses and relays honda pilot

Here is a picture with the cover in case you can’t find it 😉

trailer hitch wiring auxillary fuse box honda pilotThe Fuse box can be opened buy pushing down on the innermost tab while pulling down and back. This can be a little tricky, push down really hard where the yellow arrow is.
wiring a trailer hitch auxillary fuse box unlocking releasing Honda PilotHere is what the auxillary fuse box on a 2009 Honda Pilot looks like before fuses. Put two 7.5a on the left hand spots. Put a 20a fuse on the right. Followed by the two relays on the bottom.
wiring a trailer hitch auxillary fuse box layout Honda Pilot

This is what it should look like:
Honda Pilot Auxillary Fuse box layout for trailer wiringHere is the map of the fuses in case somebody ever needs it FR points to the front of the vehicle:
Honda Pilot Auxillary Fuse box layout FR points front

Now close everything back up and move on to Part 2 of the Honda Pilot Trailer Wiring.

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6 thoughts on “Honda Pilot Trailer Wiring 2009, 2010, 2011

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  2. Bill G

    Thanks! Never knew the rear fusebox was there, at the back of my Honda Pilot. I had running lights on the trailer, but only 0.3 volts on the turn signal and brake pins. Opening the fuse box was a bit of a chore, but once in, I found a blown 7.5 amp fuse. Replaced it all is good. I have the proper voltage at the wiring connection. Now hope it doesn’t blow again when I re-attach the trailer.

  3. Peter

    This was very helpful. Especially the pictures. I would have been looking through fuse no we under the hood!
    Thank you!!

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