How to Replace the Battery on a Honda Pilot 2009-2014

How to Replace the Battery on a Honda Pilot 2009-2014

I recently had a problem with my 2009 Honda Pilot where overnight my battery would die, and ¬†wouldn’t start the next morning. However after a jump start and a quick drive, it would start back up again fine through out that day, but be dead the next morning. Of course at first I was worried it was a problem with the charging system, but it shouldn’t have started again later that day if that were the case, it wouldn’t have charged at all and I would have been unable to start it that same day. For future reference I highly recommend a jump starter pack as it saves you the time of positioning a car next to yours to jump your Pilot.

Next I was worried that some piece of electrical equipment was bad or shorted out that was draining the battery out overnight. Disconnecting the battery overnight and reconnecting it in the morning ruled this out, as the battery was still dead the next morning despite being unhooked from the car.

This left only the battery to be the source of problems. A quick trip to autozone and car actually passed the battery test, but I decided to replace it anyway as this was much cheaper than a further diagnostic workup. I took pictures of the batter exchange on the off chance someone might be curious as to how this is done, although it is very straightforward.

First, Pop the hood from the inside.
Opening the hood on this car always throws me off as every other car I have interacted with you push the lever up, but this Honda Pilot you push the lever side to side:

How to open the hood on a Honda Pilot

You’ll notice the battery on the right side of the engine compartment towards the front. You’ll also notice it is covered by the air intake.

Location of the Battery on a 2009 Honda Pilot

The air intake must be removed in order to remove the battery. Don’t Stress…. This is easy, just pry up the center portion of these plastic bolts and then wiggle and spin them for removal.

How to remove the air intake on a 2009 Honda Pilot

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