wiringPi GPIO only pin 7 working

wiringPi GPIO only pin 7 working


So as I continue to work with wiringPi GPIO in the C/C++ Language I had a fun experience trying to drive the motors for the robot my daughter and I are building. We are using the L298N driver board
, and I am programming in C/C++ using wiringPi to control the GPIO however I could only get Header 7/Pin 7 to actually kick on the motor. I struggled with this for a while, I could perform all of the functions of the driver through swapping wires to that pin but Header/Pin 11, 13, or 15 with wiringPi. In exasperation I started searching the wiringPi website and came across a graphic that I should have found earlier:

wiringPi GPIO only pin 7 workingThus I found out that there was a large difference between Header number and the pin number and that pin 7 was the only one that had the same number in both. Header 11 is wiringPi pin 0, Header 13 is wiringPI pin 2, and header 15 is wiringPi pin 3. Learn more about the wiringPi Library here

Back to work on this:

Raspberry Pi robot construction GPIO wiringPI

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geany undefined reference to ‘WiringPiSetup’

geany undefined reference to ‘WiringPiSetup’

So you are playing around with raspberry pi and the GPIO functions and you want to use the wiringPi library to help you accomplish this. You’ve been using geany as your IDE and you keep getting the: geany undefined reference to ‘WiringPiSetup’ error message.

undefined reference to wiringpisetup

First make sure you have installed wiringPi correctly.  If installed correctly the key to making this work is to go into the Build -> Set Build Commands Menu and then add:
-lwiringPi to the Build box under commands.

geany undefined reference to wiringpisetup

You may also need to add “sudo” in front of the execute commands or you will get a “wiringPiSetup: Must be root. (Did you forget sudo?)” error.  Then go Compile, Build, and Execute your file or in geany F8, F9, F5.

Need some example code:

#include "stdio.h" //use carrots here... wordpress won't let me for some reason
#include "wiringPi.h" //use carrots here... wordpress won't let me for some reason


if(wiringPiSetup() == -1)


if(wiringPiSetup() == -1)

int i =0;
for(i =0;i<=5;i++){

return 0;

Microsoft Paint on Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Paint on Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Where is Microsoft Paint on Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Windows 8.1? … I’ll show you:

Microsoft Paint on Microsoft Surface Pro 3

On the start screen just start typing “Paint” after a few letters the icon will pop up.

Just click on it and BAM! Old School Microsoft Paint.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that “Fresh Paint” is the new paint program.

Don’t forget that a double click of the Microsoft Surface pen will take screen shots that you can then paste into paint and save for posting to the internet like I do for this blog.

Google Hangouts Start Menu Tile Windows Surface Pro 3

Google Hangouts Start Menu Tile on Windows Surface Pro 3

So you want a Google Hangout Start Menu Tile? Well I’m here to tell you that it can be done for the Windows Surface 3 Pro but that it won’t be everything that you hope for as Google has not released a Windows Native App for Google Hangouts. In order to do this you will also need to be a Google Chrome user.

Google Hangouts Tile Windows Surface Pro 3

The app you will use is a extension of Google Chrome and will install as such. Thus if you want to install you will need to uninstall through Google Chrome. You can install the hangouts extension here:


After the install completes you will have the option to run the program. This Google Hangouts app runs as an icon that is always visible over the top of your other apps. You can drag the icon all over the screen. It can be a little tricky to figure out because the icon is small but the upper right portion acts to close the icon, so click on the bottom left portion to activate the app.

To pin the app to your start screen find it by swiping up from your start screen to get to the apps, then hold down on the Hangouts app and release:


Surface Pro 3 Google Hangouts Tile
After you’ve found it and held it then in the lower left there should be a pin to Start Menu button:

Google Hangouts Tile Surface Pro 3

I sure wish Google would make a native app but this will have to suffice until then.

Get the docking station for the surface pro 3 for cheaper than the microsoft store:


Android not resumable unsuccessful download

So I was having problems downloading files on my Anroid Transformer Prime TF201 after basically having it turned off for 9 months and then let it do it’s updates. I couldn’t download any files in any of the browsers. When I tried in dolphin or the stock browser it would just hang and nothing would happen. The Android browser was not downloading files. When I tried in android chrome it would start the download, say it got 100% but that the download was “unsuccessful” and “not resumable” despite the status indicator displaying clearly 100%.

100 not resumable unsuccessful download








The time stamps would say unsuccessful until enough time had passed.

I used my google fu to find an answer to the “not resumable unsuccessful download” problem. I found other things about people having problems downloading would do a “force stop” and “clear data” on the “Download Manager” were having success. After making the mistake of clicking on downloads instead of download manager I successfully fixed the problem.

First go into settings and apps and find download manager under the All tab:

settings apps download manager fix not resumable unsuccessful error






The click on force stop and clear data:

android fix download manager force stop clear data not resumable unsuccessful download







It will ask you to verify:

android chrome wont download not resumable unsuccessful




I rebooted after I finished this, but you probably don’t have to. I could once again download files.

California Fluoroscopy License / Permit

How to get a California Fluoroscopy License / Permit

California Fluroscopy LicenseIn the other states I have practiced medicine in, I have never heard of anyone having to obtain a fluorscopy license. Granted, I was in training in all of those states and did not have to have a license of my own.

As I set out to get said California Fluoroscopy License, I found it incredibly difficult to even figure out how to get a California Fluorscopy License. The CDPH aka California Department of Public Health website doesn’t make it very easy to figure out how to apply for this license.  After a few google searches and going a few items down the search page I was able to find out how to apply for a Fluoroscopy Permit:

You fill out this form and mail it with an 85 dollar check and a copy of your California medical license to:

California Department of Public Health
Radiologic Health Branch, MS 7610
Accounts Receivable and Cashiering Unit
P.O. Box 997414
Sacramento, CA 95899-7414

Within 30 days they will notify you of which exam to take.  You can look forward to paying to take a 90 question test on everything under the sun relating to fluoroscopy.

Topics on this test include:

24% Radiation Biology and Physics
27% Exposure Reduction
24% Equipment Operation
25% Image Evaluation, Quality Control, & Patient Considerations

Further breakdown of these topics can be found in this PDF file.
The Syllabus for what you should know is in this PDF file.

Oh, and you can also look forward to a 10hr/yr CME requirement after you are certified.

I’ll let you know how the test goes once I take it.

Arduino avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

error avrdude stk500_getsync not in sync resp 0x00WTF does this error mean: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

Well from what I was able to find out through a few google searches, it is just a code letting you know that you aren’t communicating properly with the arduino. I encountered this error while playing with the Bluetooth module: JY-MCU BT_BOARD v1.06/HC-06, as well as while playing with the RTC Module DS1307, while playing around with my new PowerSwitch Tail II.

I seemed to trigger this after interacting with the Arduino through bluetooth, and then going to upload a new sketch.

Common solutions to avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 are:

  • Making sure you are connected to the appropriate serial port.
  • Making sure you have appropriate USB drivers and serial drivers installed
  • Resetting the Arduino immediately before uploading a sketch, as well as not resetting the arduino right before uploading a sketch
  • Making sure you don’t have any crossed wires or over voltaged components(undo recent hardware changes)
  • Unplug the USB port at the Arduino
  • Unplug the USB at the computer
  • Reboot your computer

Interestingly for me it was unplugging the USB port at the Computer that would solve the problem. I had tried unplugging it at the Arduino with no result.avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

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Deleting the Winsxs Directory

Deleting the Winsxs Directory

The winsxs directory can get very large and contains a bunch of old install data and log files that you don’t necessarily need. I first noticed how large this directory was using WinDirStat to try to identify where all my hard drive space was going. WinDirStat is a great program that visually shows you where all your space is going as well as gives you the directories in descending size order. You can’t really delete the winsxs folder but you can significantly reduce it’s size. This is best done using the Disk Cleanup function in windows.

Type “Disk” into the start menu and then select disk cleanup.

winsxs directory cleanup starting disk cleanup


This will open the program which asks you which directory you want to clean up:

shrink winsxs folder select drive

Select your OS containing drive as this will have the winsxs directory. It will then scan your disk and look like this:

freeing up disk space winsxs directory disk cleanup

When it completes it will show you this screen, you can skip the check boxes and click on Clean Up System Files:

cleaning up winsxs folder with disk cleanupIt will again rescan your system and take you back to the check boxes:

delete winsxs directory excess to free up disk spaceThere are now more boxes to check some of which will delete winsxs bloatware. As you can see, I was able to free up 18.2gb of space on my laptop that’s been running about 4 years now.


You can also buy new hard drives:

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old refrigerator to repaint with appliance paint

Paint an Old Refrigerator with Appliance Paint

Paint an Old Refrigerator with Appliance Paint

After moving into a rental and seeing a stained and scratched refrigerator I began to wonder how to paint a refrigerator. After asking around I found that refrigerator paint is actually known as appliance paint. Appliance paint is an epoxy based paint that allows you to paint over the appliance and maintain the texture of the appliance if it has texture.

Here is my subject:
old refrigerator to repaint with appliance paint

Old Refrigerator: Removing the handles

It would be very difficult to do a good job painting the fridge around the handles. It’s not all that obvious how to remove the handles.

First you’ll need to pop the cap up and off. take all 4 caps off, pictures later will demonstrate how this is put together:
fridge paint prepping for the appliance paint

appliance paint on an old refrigerator

Then you’ll need to pry the handle taking care not to bend the metal. Only pull from the top to get started. After that it will give you too much leverage and you will bend it.
how to paint a fridge

You can then take the screws out and remove the handles:
fridge paint how to

Item’s you’ll need to appliance paint the refrigerator

appliance paint with brush and sand paper old refrigerator in background

Screw Driver, Paint brush, Rust-oleum Appliance Epoxy paint, 220 grit sand paper.  I also used a rubber mallet and some cardboard (not pictured).

Preparing to paint: Sanding and taping the Refrigerator

I used 220 grit sand paper, and sanded all the surfaces that I planned to paint.
sanding a old refrigerator to paint the refrigerator

Tape the area’s you don’t want to get paint on(this shot actually after 1st coat applied):
tape before paint the fridgeDon’t forget to lay down newspaper or cardboard down to catch stray appliance paint

Paint the old refrigerator with appliance paint

I used a 2 inch paint brush which seemed to be a pretty good size. Be careful to identify any bristles that come off the brush and stay in the paint. While you may see some streaking from your brush strokes, these layer out and will not be seen later. I put a lot of paint on and used long strokes to spread the paint out as evenly as possible.

Let the appliance paint dry for 24 hours. I had the refrigerator turned off for duration of the painting and drying process. After one coat, it looked pretty good, but knowing where the stains and scratches were I could still find them. But to outside observers they didn’t really stand out. Since the painting process was short compared to the prep, I decided to put a second coat on.

second coat of appliance paint applied to old refrigerator

I removed the tape while the paint was still wet to make sure the paint did not stick to the tape.

I gave a single coat of paint to the refrigerator door handles:

Painted Refrigerator Door Handles

Screw the door handles back in the same as the reverse, putting the caps in place but leaving them slid out of the way, for tapping in after placing the handle cover back on.

Line up the cover and push it into the track, line up the bottom. After pushing it in as much as I could by hand, I used a rubber mallet and a piece of cardboard to tap it in tightly:

restoring an old refrigerator with appliance paint

Finshed product:

repainted refrigerator using appliance epoxy paint


In case you were worried about preservation of the texture I took this picture so you can judge for yourself:

appliance paint on rough surface refrigerator


And that’s how to paint an old refrigerator with appliance paint.

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