Recharge Air Conditioning Honda Pilot

Recharge the A/C on a Honda Pilot

Recharging the A/C on a Honda Pilot

My Air Conditioning on my Honda Pilot began to have problems about 2 years ago. Initially I noticed that the driver side a/c wasn’t as cold as the other A/C’s. I ran multiple diagnostic tests and thought that due to it’s intermittent nature that it was a sticky air mix control door. However in really hot weather the whole system didn’t get cold so I decided to recharge the A/C on a Honda Pilot.Recharge Air Conditionin<a href=

This is a relatively painless process and can easily be done in under a half hour. First you will need some refrigerant and any standard R134a will do. I used some from A/C Pro. The instructions on the bottle were pretty straight forward. It’s pretty simple:

  • Turn your car on with A/C on max
  • Find Low Pressure port
  • Attach the device to the low pressure port and measure while the compressor is engaged.(You will adjust the dial to the current exterior temperature to ensure more accurate pressure measurement.)
  • If low, screw the canister into the device and pull the trigger to add refrigerant.

The low pressure port can be found here on the left side of the engine compartment:Recharging AC on a Honda Pilot

The supplied device would not fit on the high pressure port so it is somewhat dummy proof.

If you are not sure the compressor is engaged it can be seen at the bottom of the serpentine belt:Honda Pilot Air Conditioner compressor

If your pressures are low. Pull the trigger and shake the canister and fill to a normal pressure.

Then test your car and hopefully it’s colder than it was before, and the oil is helping protect against leaks and removing moisture from your system.

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