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Raspberry pi where are the Analog pins

Where are the Analog Pins on the Raspberry Pi?

Analog Pins on the Raspberry Pi

Looking for the Analog Pins on the Raspberry Pi? Unfortunately there are no analog pins on the Raspberry Pi. However you can very easily add 8 analog pins to your Raspberry Pi via the SPI(Serial Peripheral Interface) connection on your GPIO pins and easily read analog input.

You will need an Analog to Digital Converter aka ADC to accomplish this task. It’s a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment but usually after shipping you are going to pay between 4 and 10 dollars.  The MCP3008 has 8 analog pins and the MCP3004 has 4 pins.

I recommend putting it on a breadboart the first time you play with the chip.

Raspberry pi where are the Analog pins


The indented circle demonstrates the first pin of the analog inputs. Thus the 8 Pins on the side the yellow arrow is pointing to  are the channels 0-7 for the analog to digital conversion for your raspberry pi.
Raspberry pi Analog Digital Converter MCP3008

The red arrow points to the side the has from left to right. Voltage in, voltage in, ground, SCLK, MISO, MOSI, CE0, and ground. The chip runs on 2.7V – 5.5V and cycles faster at higher voltage.

I will go over how to hook this up, test it, and code it in another post.